10 Hobbies that can make you Become Smarter!

Many people believe that there is no way to improve their intelligence. It is generally considered that even if someone is smart or not, the level of intelligence comes with birth, and there is nothing to do about improving it. Believing in this fact is a wrong thing. While some people have certain diseases that affect their intelligence and unfortunately, can`t do anything about it, others could do a lot for becoming smarter!

Everyone has one or more hobbies and hobbies become a part of our lives; we realize at a certain moment that we practice our hobbies on a regular basis. And because hobbies are entertaining activities, these can also significantly influence our intelligence. Scientific studies and experiments prove that certain hobbies can really make you become smarter. Let`s become familiar with the list of 10 activities that can do this:

1. Playing a musical instrument
Music is able to bring a kind of pleasure in people`s lives. Research proves that music has a stimulating effect upon the brain, but it can also invoke psychological states. Memory capacity can be improved by both playing a musical instrument and listening to music. Your perseverance and patience can also be developed by a musical instrument, because it requires effort and time to learn playing it. Your concentration can also be sharpened by such instruments, because you need to focus while learning to play it.

2. Reading a wide range of stuff
Reading itself improves intelligence level, but if you start reading a wide range of things, such as romances, tragedy, biographies and others, you`ll do the job even better! Reading can teach you about numerous subjects, including the ones that you`re interested in; it can also make you experience numerous feelings and/or emotions and it reduces stress. Having all these things in mind, you can practically feel better about yourself by reading! If you read, you`ll gain a lot of knowledge about subjects that you`re interested to analyze and become more productive for achieving your future goals.

3. Regular meditation
The key role of meditation is to help you focus on yourself and get to know the real you better. Try to meditate and see that you`ll be less worried and stressed at a certain moment! Because meditation needs a calm state of mind, you can easily think and plan things much better in the future. You can even achieve full control upon yourself, if you`ll practice meditation on a regular basis. And when you want to improve your intelligence, self-control is definitely one of the key things.

4. Making your brain work
Just like you regularly do physical activity to keep your body fit, you need to do the same thing, so that you can maintain the sharpness of your brain as well. The abilities of your brain can be best improved if you`ll challenge it as many times as possible to do new things. There are numerous ways of sharpening your brain, including riddles, board games, puzzles or Sudoku. This is how your brain is always up to forming new connections. If you work out your brain, you`ll see that you`ll respond in a creative way to certain situations in the near future. You will also become more productive and be able to see things from numerous and various points of view.

5. Regular exercising
Regular physical activity means a healthy body, along with a healthy brain which could actually be considered as another muscle of the body. Physical exercise is able to maintain the health of both your body and brain. You can also have better sleeping and reduced tension with regular physical activity. Exercises are even able to improve blood circulation and doctors admit that a better brain functioning is possible with increased blood flow. Studies conducted on humans and mice prove that new brain cells can be created by cardiovascular exercises and they contribute to brain performance.

6. Learning a foreign language
Learning a new language is not the easiest thing to do, but one of its key roles is making you smarter, along with other numerous advantages. Learning a foreign language involves memorizing new words, analyzing grammatical structures and these activities contribute to your brain health and intelligence. Learning a new language can also help people with solving their problems and making the right decisions.

7. Writing down your emotions
Writing can increase your overall intelligence, but it has tons of other benefits as well. First of all, writing improves the linguistic capabilities of a person, but it is also helpful in developing other similar skills, like comprehension, imagination, creativity and focusing. Most of the writers are considered to be very intelligent. It is possible to write in various ways, including your own blog or by hand. It doesn`t matter what writing method you choose; if you do so, you`ll simply give words to the images that are in your mind and if you learn how to clearly express yourself in words, that already boosts your intelligence.

8. Traveling
Traveling is not only for the summer holidays or for simply chasing away your boredom; it can significantly improve your intelligence. While traveling, you free your mind from stress and traveling to new places means becoming familiar with new historical or touristic attractions, culture, lifestyle or foods. All these together can give you new ideas you never had before; especially because while traveling, you observe things easier, as your mind is free of stress.

9. Cooking various meals
Some people believe that cooking is just a time-wasting activity and therefore try to avoid it. However, when you get the chance to cook, you should be very happy, because those people who used to cook various meals have a high level of creativity! These people are extremely detail-oriented, aren`t afraid of trying to cook new things and are also committed to food quality. Whenever you are involved in the process of cooking, you actually practice multitasking, because you need to pay attention and focus on various tasks and sometimes even make quick decisions. When you`re multitasking, you become smarter in the same time.

10. Participating actively in sports
Active participation in sports not only develops the muscles, but does the same thing for your brain as well. Playing sports on a regular basis helps the brain to become more flexible and improves its overall health in the same time. Besides this, there are other benefits as well associated with sports. If through exercising you rather develop your muscles, with simple sports` watching you develop your brain function. Getting involved in sports means improving confidence, capabilities, coordination and responsiveness. We can easily observe that top athletes are highly intelligent, no matter if they`re practicing football, basketball or any other sport. If you want to boost your brain performance, consider getting involved in sports that you like.

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Hobbies that can make you Become Smarter
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