10 habits to maintain your home cleaned

Why waiting for a certain day of week to clean up and to enjoy its effect after a short period when you can permanently have a cleaned house?! That if you manage to maintain order and cleanliness. It is not difficult! Just daily habits.

We all love clean homes, nobody likes to do rub to clean. The solution lies in maintaining cleanliness so that things do not get out of control and your work to be easier. If you get used to that your home will be ready for guests at any time. Here’s what habits you have to form.

1. Vacuum several times a week.
Last no longer than 5 minutes and you won’t see crumbs in the kitchen, lint from the carpet and hairs in the bathroom. If you have a big vacuum cleaner and uncomfortably out of place, you’ll have no reluctance to use it so often, but what do you say about getting a smaller one to use it when you need it?
2. Every time after washing the dishes, well clean the sink, faucet and the leaking vessels support. There are only two more minutes.
3. After each shower, wipe the walls with a squeegee kept handy. Soap that leaves white spots on tile are difficult to remove, and water droplets would foster mold growth.
4. Keep your cleaning supplies handy. Did it happen to you too, to wanted to wipe the window glass the kitchen drawer but you quit for the simple reason that the special solution was somewhere in the bathroom?
5. To keep order, never leave an object elsewhere than in place. Because it’s unlikely to have time in the morning to make orders, put them all in place the evening before bedtime, so when you leave the house the next day, everything is nice and tidy.
6. Take your shoes off yourself once you have entered the house, before making too many steps around the house, not to disperse the mess. All family members should get used to it!
7. Stains on bathroom sink disappear overnight without any effort on your part, if before bedtime you pour white vinegar on it.
8. After cooking, do not leave the stove dirty and chaos in the kitchen. Put them all in place and clean the stove if it’s dirty.
9. One solution would be to put aluminum foil on the stove, you simply throw it away when it gets dirty. You will preserve the stove again and you will not lose time rubbing him.
10. Take the garbage every day, and to get rid of odor, pour a few tablespoons of baking soda, in a cup of white vinegar and the juice of half a lemon. Allow the solution to act for 10 to 20 minutes, and then rinse with cold water.

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10 Habits To Maintain Your Home Cleaned