10 Effective Exercises For Fat Burning


Running is recommended by many trainers, doctors and it is believed to be very efficient in burning fat, speeding up metabolism, improve the heart rate and resistance. Nevertheless, if you find running difficult, there are other activities that are as effective or even more efficient than running. Many universities, colleges have investigated some exercises that are recommended for a fat burning session. Read the article and find out which these exercises are. I believe that you will find something that will suit you.

1.Kettlebell Swing
According to a research from the University of Wisconsin, kettlebell swing is an exercise that will rock your body so hard you won’t even be able to move. It targets your glutes and quads, which is good news for women who want to have a perky butt. According to the study, the participants were spending 20.2 calories per minute and the heart was almost at it’s maximum, 93% during a 20 minutes workout. Include this exercise in your workout and the fat will melt away.

2.Indoor Rowing
According to a Harvard University research, a person weighting 185 pounds can burn 377 calories during 30 minutes of rowing, that is about 12.5 calories per minute. This exercise targets your entire body since you need your arms, legs and back for an efficient rowing. Perhaps you will be very tired after this exercise, but the result is totally worth it.

Burpee is a fantastic exercise recommended by many trainers, which targets your whole body. According to a research presented at the American College of Sports and Medicine, only performing 10 burpees the metabolism speeds up, and one can burn 14.3 calories per minute. Also, it was proven that an 180 pounds person burns 1.43 calories when doing a burpee. To reach amazing results, aim to perform 10 burpees per minute.

4.AirDyne Bike Sprints
As impossible as it seems, but you can burn 87 calories per minute only pedaling on this bike. The thing is that the bike increases its resistance as you pedal harder. Pedal as hard as you can for 60 seconds. This amount of time is enough to make your fat melt.

5.Jumping Rope
According to the Compendium of Physical Activities, when jumping rope in a medium intensity, you burn 13 calories per minute. That are about 100-120 jumps per minute. As you jump, your entire body is engaged, also, your balance and coordination are challenged mainly if you perform some versions requiring hand and foot involvement.

6.Fat-Tire Biking
If you like cycling and are wondering how to combine pleasure with necessity, try fat-tire biking. This bike itself is very difficult to manage, hard-to-turn, but it will provide an unbelievable experience. Also, you can ride it on different terrain and different season. It was proven that one can burn 1.500 calories per hour, that is 25 calories per minute, only by pedaling this unusual bike. It will be difficult for you at first to take such a challenge, but the aftereffects will be amazing.

According to the scientists at Kennesaw State University, “Cindy” is a workout which burns 13 calories per minute. This complex includes 3 exercises – 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats – which targets all the basic muscle groups. Try and do as many reps as you can within 20 minutes.
It would be excellent if you repeat this complex without resting, as much as you can. If you are a beginner, rest when you need, don’t overwhelm yourself. Also, only by laying on the ground and standing back up, speeds up your metabolism and burns a lot of calories.

8.Cross-Country Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing is a wonderful exercise, performed outdoors, which targets your whole body and is better than running, because you push with the lower body and pull with the upper body. According to the Compendium of Physical Activities, such an activity burns more than 12 calories per minute. If your favorite season is winter, this exercise is perfect for you.

9.Tabata Jump Squats
A good exercise should burn calories both during the workout and after it. According to a study by Auburn University at Montgomery, people who performed 8 rounds of jump squats for 20 seconds and rested for 10 seconds burned 13.4 calories per minute and improved their metabolic rate for 30 minutes after the exercise.

10.Battling Ropes
The College of New Jersey concluded that battling rope consumes a lot of oxygen and burns 10.3 calories per minute. If you don’t have time for a complex workout, this exercise is excellent to burn from 20 to 50 pounds and get rid of the belly fat for good.

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10 Effective Exercises For Fat Burning


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